• Let’s break it down

    Something Loved Ultimately Makes Paradise! A Reason Awaited Destiny Is Surpassed with Effort. This motto was built from the acronym S.L.U.M.P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E. This is a constant reminder for us and those who support us to keep following their passions in life because the best things in life are often difficult to achieve.

  • Our Mission

    We use our platform to inspire creativity and and the community. We upcycle specialty pieces such as our totes from upholstery sample fabrics instead of allowing them to be scraped to the landfills. We systematically fund education for the youth, equity and reforestation initiatives. Our mission is to be impactful to our community the planet and our future.

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  • Two Dice, Too Nice, Say it Twice

    Our garments are designed and manufactured in house from our headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Our quality heavyweight cotton goods give our pieces durability and longevity. We use different tactiles in our designs as well which give different feels depth and texture to our garments. We mix thoughtful placement with original graphics that parallel current events, society and culture. We use upcycled materials in many of our accessories. Our sculptures are also 3D printed with recycled PU fibers. We put quality first in our design, our materials, our approach and service. Join the 2DiceCrew.